The Friday After – Be glad that the Kansas City Chiefs won.

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Coming from a guy who has only really started paying attention this season, an outsider if you will, the Kansas City Chiefs were the team that should have won this season’s super bowl. For all those who disagree, I chose the Miami Dolphins as my team this year, I’m no ‘Swiftie’, and when in doubt, my allegiances tend to side with the underdogs, which the Chiefs are not. Still, Kansas City was the correct team to win.

Kansas City Chiefs win Superbowl LVIII via @Chiefs on X

This won’t be the most popular take, but hear me out, there are a lot of reasons why this win is a good thing. Yes, ‘Swifties’ are one of those good things.

A New Dynasty In Town

Move over New England, the Kansas City Chiefs are the next Dynasty of the NFL. Three championships in the past half decade is beyond incredible, and the three wins comes just after the former NFL powerhouse, the New England Patriots. Fitting time to have a new team take the top slot, as the Patriots recently relieved head coach, Bill Belichick, of his head coaching duties not long ago, and it seems the team is set to begin a complete rebuild. Andy Reid and his troop are having their turn now. It might make for boring football, but God damn is it not also a decent story too.

The Kansas City Chiefs made good on the extra media attention this year, capitalizing on the surge of new fans brought on by 2023’s top artist, Taylor Swift. Her dating life almost feels like household knowledge, as throughout the years of her stardom, most of her relationships were given a spotlight by tabloids, and so now that she’s begun to date Travis Kelce of the Chiefs, her relationship has once again found itself to be a topic of controversy. NFL fans have been relentless with their unjust criticism of the relationship. Complaints of her stardom leeching attention away from the football field somehow landed on her shoulders when time and time again, she waived away prying cameras who were more focused on her than the game. If you have a gripe with the amount of Swift, take it up with the NFL media. (Furthermore, @aperkins of Regeneration Sports calculated at total of 54 seconds of screen-time at the Superbowl, so really there’s no argument here…) Her involvement in the season only benefitted the NFL, by driving a new demographic towards the sport.

Chiefs 🤝 Swifties

The synergy is real. By the Conference Finals, Chiefs fans were whistling tunes reminiscent of Anti-Hero, and finally started to welcome crowds of Swifties to join with them in their excitement. The rest of the NFL was still not so thrilled, but then, their teams didn’t win, did they?

This brings me to the reason that this article is being written. Taylor is good for the Chiefs, and good for the NFL… because they won. If the Kansas City team were unsuccessful in the final game of the NFL season, the rabid fans of the top star on the planet would more than likely flip to anarchy. “They robbed our team of it because of all the haters” could plausibly be seen circling media had the San Francisco 49’ers won instead. Those would not be very fun headlines. The waves of new fans would end the year angry and disappointed, instead of the massive draw these fans have, seeing their team win the in the first Superbowl that they paid attention to.

Let them be fans.

At the end of the day, no matter who they cheer for or why, let them be fans. It’s only growing the sport.

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