The Big Dance- Round 1

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Fairleigh Dickinson guard Grant Singleton grabs a rebound against Purdue forward Mason Gillis.Credit…Paul Sancya/Associated Press

God, I love March. I know I had posted a bit the other day about the Tournament and gave a little bit of history on it. Now that the tournament has started, I’m going to give a little recap at the end of each round. We’ve been treated to an excellent first round of play this year. There have been multiple big upsets, including 16-seed Fairleigh Dickinson knocking off 1-seed Purdue. This is only the 2nd time in history that a 16-seed has beaten a 1-seed.

Also this year, we have had a 15 defeat a 2, when Princeton beat Arizona. 13-seed Furman beat 4-seed Virginia, and 11-seed Pitt beat 6-seed Iowa State.

According to ESPN, no perfect brackets remain out of the 20 million- plus that were submitted on their website. We should have a very exciting Second Round coming up over the next two days. Let’s see how many more upsets we get in the second round of the big dance.

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